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without CE marking – only for export outside the EU,
complete in a plastic case

consisting of:
1 erythrocyte pipette
1 leukocyte pipette
2 rubber hoses with mouthpiece
1 counting chamber
2 cover glasses optically flat

40420001 Haemocytometer, Thoma simple
40420002 Haemocytometer, Thoma double
40420003 Haemocytometer, Thoma double, with spring clips
40421001 Haemocytometer, Neubauer simple
40421002 Haemocytometer, Neubauer double
40421003 Haemocytometer, Neubauer double, with spring clips
40421012 Haemocytometer, Neubauer double, light-lined 
40422002 Haemocytometer, Neubauer improved twice
40422012 Haemocytometer, Neubauer improved double, light-lined
40423001 Haemocytometer, Bürker simple
40423002 Haemocytometer, Bürker double
40423003 Haemocytometer, Bürker double, with spring clips
40424002 Haemocytometer, Türk double
40425002 Haemocytometer, Bürker-Türk double
40425003 Haemocytometer, Bürker-Türk double, with spring clips
40426001 Haemocytometer, rodent simple
40427002 Haemocytometer, Thoma new double
40429001 Haemocytometer, Fuchs-Rosenthal simple
40429002 Haemocytometer, Fuchs-Rosenthal double
40429003 Haemocytometer, Fuchs-Rosenthal double, with spring clips
40429012 Haemocytometer, Fuchs-Rosenthal, double, light-lined

Other versions are available on request.

Please follow the accident prevention guidelines when pipetting.
We decline any product liability when using hose and mouthpiece.
We recommend our pipetting aids No. 40558010 and 40558001.

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